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My Synesthesia

"As an auditory-visual synesthete, I experience music as an array of dancing colors and shapes that move together with the melody."

Watch Michal's award-winning animations:

Giant Steps

2 min


5 min

Work Process: Giant Steps

 "Giant Steps animation was made as my graduation thesis at Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem. It was the first time I expressed my synesthesia."

Work Process GS

Work Process: One

"One is a visual journey into music. It's my second endeavour in my own personal quest to understand how music 'looks like'."

Work Process One

Video Trailers

A series of three video trailers for Miho Hazama's Grammy-nominated jazz album 'Dancer in Nowhere.' 

Dancer in Nowhere

1 min

Magyar Dance

1 min

Il Paradiso del Blues

30 sec

Synesthetic Experiment

"I was wondering whether I could show the cascading flow of emotion of this J. S. Bach famous piece by using only color, the basic shape of circles, and minimalist motion, assigning to each musical chord the visual elements corresponding to it synesthetically."

Dance of Harmony

2.5 min

Bonus Tracks :)

"When I play the saxophone and close my eyes, I see the music as colors and shapes."


2.5 min

I see music harmony as colors, and I wanted to control the emotional effect of sound and color simultaneously. For example: when I start with a gloomy harmony, the light is blue. With two programmers, we created a way to change the lighting in real-time as I play by moving in space. It's an exciting way to enhance the overall experience and create a unique sensory experience for the audience.


3.5 min

I have a deep love for playing the saxophone, and when I close my eyes to play a solo, it's like painting a musical story as I tell it.

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