About One

I first encountered Jason’s music back in 2000 when I participated in a student exchange program in New York. He and his big band played every Monday at Small’s. His music was colorful and exciting to me. I used to close my eyes and visualize the music in shapes and colors. My excitement peaked whenever they played Suheir. I dreamed of turning Suheir into an animation film, which would capture this fantastic piece of music.

One is my second endeavor in my own personal quest to understand how music “looks.” I constantly ask myself what are the colors of music, in what space does music live? If it’s moving, then in which direction?

These questions framed my creation of another animation that would “show the music.”

Being a saxophone player enables me to observe music and then translate it into a language of forms and patterns. I find this journey in the land of music, forms, colors and patterns exciting and rewarding; and it’s thrilling to discover I still have a long road ahead of me.


The music from One (and so much more,) is available on Live at the Jazz Gallery – Jason Lindner Big Band.
You can get it on iTunes or on the Anzic Records Store.


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