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tel:  +972 54 455 6518


Since childhood, music, dance and painting have been an important part of my life
and have contributed to my passion for exploring the visualization of sound.

Recently I lived and worked for few years in the US as an art director at a major corporation,
later on went on a journey around the world and now I am based in Israel and working as an
art director at Magisto.com.



1997-2001 Bezalel Academy of Art and Design BFA in Communication Design
2000 One semester as an exchange student at the School of Visual Arts, NYC
1991-1993 High School of the Arts Talma Yelin in the Jazz Music Department (saxophone)


2001 Sandberg Award, for an outstanding work
2001 America Israel Cultural Foundation award for excellence and high achievements
2002 Hatach Hazahav award, for logo and stationary, made for Open Design studio
2002 Honorable Mention for Giant Steps, of Electronic media Category,
JVC Jazz Festival Juried Exhibition, NYC
The work was also presented at Savacou Gallery, FirePatrolNo.5 Art Gallery, and H&M Art Gallery of Harlem, NYC
2004 Honorable mention for Giant Steps, in Meiteevey Lechet Animation Contest
2005 Animation Award from the www.behindthecurtain.org community


Screenings of Giant Steps Animation:

2010 – Short Escape, Brussels, Belgium  www.shortescape.com

2009 – Nokia Ideas Camp, California www.ideascamp.wikispaces.com

2008 - The Design Annual, Frankfurt, Sweden www.thedesignannual.com

2008 - North Sea Jazz Festival, The Netherland www.northseajazz.com

2008 – Israel American Business Convention at the Plaza, NYC

2006 – Future Shorts, Brussels, Belgium www.kosmodo.com/sites/futureshorts

2005 – Norwich Art Center, England www.norwichartscentre.co.uk

2005 – VPRO Nachtpodium, The National Dutch TV channel www.vpro.nl

2005 – FILE Festival, Brazil www.file.org.br

2004 – Interfilm Festival Berlin, Germany www.interfilm.de2004 – Artcourt Vidéo, Arles, France.

2004 – Cracow Film Festival, Poland www.kff.com.pl

2004 – BitFilm Festival, Hamburg, Germany www.bitfilm-festival.org

2003 – BIFF, Bergen International Film Festival, Bergen, Norway www.biff.no

2003 – Artronica, Bogotá, Colombia.

2003 – International Animated Film Festival, Annecy, France www.annecy.org

2003 – OnedotZero 07, London www.onedotzero.com

2003 – Transmediale, Berlin www.transmediale.de

2003 – Cosmic Zoom, Copenhagen, Denmark

2003 – BD4D Tel Aviv www.bd4d.com

2002 – Illegal – Art Exhibition, NYC, Chicago www.illegal-art.org/video/index.html

2002 – Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Taiwan www.goldenhorse.org.tw

2002 – Internazionale Del Cinema D’animazione, Castelli Animati, Italy

2002 – Darklight Digital Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland

2002 – International Film Festival of Jerusalem, Israel

2002 – Kalisher Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.2002 – JVC Jazz Festival Juried Exhibition, NYC

2002 – International Animated Film Festival, Annecy, France www.annecy.org

2002 – Jazz, Films and Videotape, Tel Aviv, Israel


Screenings of ONE Animation:

2010 – Short Escape, Brussels, Belgium  www.shortescape.com

2009 – InVideo, International Exhibition of Video Art and Cinema Beyond, Milan, Italy  www.mostrainvideo.com

2009 – Seoul International cartoon & Animation Festival, Korea  www.sicaf.org

2009 – Anima, Cordoba International Animation Festival, Argentina  www.animafestival.com.ar

2009 – Global Creative Economy Convergence Summit, Philadelphia  www.gcecs2009.com

2009 – AMODA, Austin Museum of Digital Art, Texas  www.amoda.org

2009 – The IotaCenter, Los Angeles  www.iotacenter.org

2009 – MHz NETWORKS, MHz Worldview program for national television, USA  www.mhznetworks.org/mhzworldview

2009 – Small world International Animation Festival, England  www.smallworldfest.co.uk

2009 – FILE, Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil  www.file.org.br

2009 – Nemo Festival, Paris, France  www.arcadi.fr/nemo

2008 – International Short Film Festival Leuven, Belgium www.kortfilmfestival.be

2008 – DLD Digital, Life, Design Conference, Munich, Germany www.dld-conference.com

2008 – OnedotZero 07, London www.onedotzero.com

2008 – The Berlinians + One, an exhibition at Loushy & Peter art and projects gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel www.loushy.com

2008 – Business at the Plaza, US Israel Executive Summit, NYC www.oscar4b.com/newyork

2007 – The British Film Institute, London, UK www.bugvideos.co.uk

2007 – The Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel www.jff.org.il

2007 – The Jazz Gallery, NYC www.jazzgallery.org


Interviews & Publications:

2009 – (July 6th) - Radio Interview, BBC Radio 3, Jazz on 3, UK  www.bbc.co.uk/radio3

2008 – (November 5th) - Interview, Eye magazine blog, London, UK  www.blog.eyemagazin.com

2008 – (January) - Interview, DMXzone e-magazine, USA www.dmxzone.com

2007 – Interview, FlasherdotOrg online magazine  www.flasherdot.org

2007 – (October issue) – Article, Jazziz magazine  www.jazziz.com

2007 – (December) – Item at the Mercury News, USA www.mercurynews.com

2007 – (Book) – Hot-Wiring, Your creative process by Curt Cloninger www.amazon.com

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